When the WWE chose to make just one World title for the company many fans thought of it as a long time coming, considering the fact that one of the World titles was more a mid-card title then a World title. But still ever since the unification match the Unified World title’s prestige and importance has gone up slightly but now it just seems like things are back to normal from where they were before the unification match. Well that was until recently where a shred of hope could rear its head for the WWE Title becoming special again. However, it might be impossible for that to happened at this point and the reason is because most of the fans have gotten so used to seeing the Champion on TV every week and fight at every PPV, that not seeing it would get them all hot and bothered. 

To quote a former respected WWE employee who said "The top dog or WWE Champ doesn’t need to be on TV every week whatsoever.” Back in the day seeing the champion on free TV was something of a rare thing or a special thing no because have gotten so spoiled seeing the champion taking that away makes people wonder why the guy is the champion. Well I don't disagree with this logic which basically is saying that Brock doesn't needed to be on RAW every week and it might be better if he isn't. What a concept!! Say you want to see Brock well the only way you’ll see the World Champion get physical with anyone is you have to order the PPV. Then again you have those people who say "No Brock is Champion he should be their every week." Well to that I say, really! Really!! You think someone that since he signed back has been a Special Attraction should now be a Weekly Wrestler just because he won the World Title, bull-crap he should become a regular. Brock is better off not being seen every week champion or not because seeing him every week would make him loss the draw of the people only seeing him every so often as opposed to weekly. 

I think that WWE using him more is a big mistake because though he might be champion the way they are using him now is making him seem different then everyone else which is great, because he is different than everyone else. But using him weekly would make him seem more normal and less special and I think at this point any drawing power WWE might still have they need to keep rather than putting it at risk. Though I don't like WWE depending on Part-Timers for everything, an attempt at making the WWE Title mean more should be worth because it doesn't mean much.