For those unaware WWE Main Event which usually airs on Wednesdays on ION Channel was aired live on the WWE Network last week and word has it that it will continue to be shown on the Network until post Wrestlemania season. I do believe ION still shows Main Event on Wednesday which the day after the live episode airs on the WWE Network. The reason WWE is doing this is because they are testing the waters seeing how this works to see if they able to move Main Event on the Network if they can't get a new contract when the current one is up on ION. I believe Main Event's contract on ION expires on April 2nd of this year and if they haven't reached an agreement by then or if WWE hasn't reach one with a new provider ION will likely move to the WWE Network for the time being while they maybe look for a new provider.

To further complicate things may backstage officals and some in management had no idea that Main Even would running live on the WWE Network on a weekly basis. This is just a shame and not something most people are used to seeing in WWE as bad communication is never a good thing. But this isn't the first time WWE has been acknowledge for their sometime bad communication skills this is just the first I am mentioning it here. The first is when the Superstars & Divas wanted to know how the payouts for the PPV's will change now that everything will be on the WWE Network which is true because most PPV providers dropped them. How does this slip through the cracks and become something that still hasn't gotten done, making sure the workers were cluded in on everything should have been the first thing they did. The fact they have put it off for this long is just wrong because the employees of a company should be one the most important things to anyone in management and if it isn't then you shouldn't be in management.