Over the last 12 years one has really gone hand and hand with the Road to Wrestlemania and that is the last stop on that road. The PPV amply named Elimination Chamber. This years Elimination Chamber PPV will be taking place a week from tomorrow live on PPV. So I thought what better could I have then to go through the Top 5 Elimination Chamber Matches in WWE History. Let's start with some honorable mention below:

Honorable Mention-

Elimination Chamber at New Years Resolution 2005- This match was one of only two Chamber matches featured at the New Years Resolution PPV. This was also the only time in the 12 year history of the Chamber that the title was Vacate going into the match. This match was also Triple H's 3 consecutive Chamber match in a long line of Chamber matches for Hunter which he holds the record for most Chamber Match Appearances.


Smackdown Elimination Chamber match from the Elimination Chamber PPV 2012- I picked this one as honorable mention because to this day I still remember watching the show and thinking the reactions for Santino & Daniel Bryan were both very noticeable. Though Santino did win the United States Title I firmly believe more could have came from that reaction, I am not saying a run with the World Title I am just saying they could have gotten more. Also I for one was very surprised when Daniel Bryan walked out of the Chamber Match still holding the World Title.  


Without further delay or stalling let's get to the Countdown.........