I have been planning this out and doing research for this for a few months at this point and I finally am finished. I am very excited about the list and can't to hear feedback from you guys on what you think. First things first I would like to offer some Honorable Mentions:

  • Mike Bennett- His stock has rose in ROH over the past few months but I think he has to prove this "push" is the real deal, and he will be a force to be reckon with in ROH in 2014.  
  • Matt Taven- I think he's a good young kid with enough upside that the TV title isn't being wasted on him like some might think or it might have been on others. Also since he is doing something totally with Truth Martini he stands out.  
  • Mike Mondo- I think could help ROH if he was seen more but I don't think he'd be a big part as I don't know if he can be a top guy.  
  • Qt Marshall, Tadrius Thomas, ACH- These three have a lot of potential and I think they are in the right place to find their ceiling and go further.  
  • Jay Briscoe- Most would say he is one of the best but a big part making this Top 5 was current out put and Jay hasn't really done enough in the ring to be on the list

Ask for my last honorable mentions: Eddie Edwards, Davey Richards & Jimmy Jacobs. Well first they had to be on the ROH roster to be on this list which Jimmy "isn't" on the roster. Eddie & Davey on the other hand since they are leaving I declared them unable to be on the list.