It is that time of year once again the with the Royal Rumble match coming up on Sunday it's only fitting to look back at some of the great returns from Rumble competitors over the years. For those who have never seen a Royal Rumble match it simple for me to describe, as it's a Battle Royal just with timed entries instead of having everyone in at once. This year is the 26 th edition of the Rumble and promise to be the most "Intense 60 Minutes of the Year." Now let's get to some Honorable Mentions:


Bob Backlund in Royal Rumble 2000: Bob was the first ever surprise entry for the Royal Rumble Match and indeed that's what he was when he entered the Rumble at 15 and the place popped for the former World Champion.  

Rowdy Piper & Jimmy Snuka in Royal Rumble 2008: Eight years later in the same arena that held the event in 2000 it was back. Only this the surprises weren't Bob Backlund but instead Jimmy Snuka & Rowdy Piper. You want to talk about a sell I mean the fact that nobody in the match moved made it that much more special.  

Kevin Nash in Royal Rumble 2011: After nearly 7 years away from WWE getting into other ventures over that time but it was in 2011 when Big Daddy Cool Came Back. The fans went nuts, the funny thing about this is Matt Strikers genuine reaction to Kevin's entry. If you have never seen it you should look it up because it will show you how much of a fan Matt Striker really was.


Now without further delay let's get to the countdown........ Starting with Number 5